Free Website Monitor - Watches your Website like a Hawk!

Enjoy the security of always having your website watched!

One of the main reasons I always advise people to have a totally automated backup regime is for the peace of mind knowing that you have one less thing to worry about. That "one less thing" is truly valuable!

Well, along the same lines, a few months ago I helped test a free site monitoring service from EzineDesigner which automatically emails and SMS-text messages me should one of my websites goes down. Since then several of my sites HAVE gone down but with the monitoring service running, I was the first to know! Thank you guys!! Truly another "one less thing" to worry about.

If you have a website or blog, I strongly recommend that you take a moment and set up a tracker on your site. It's easy and simple, works with any site and only takes a few seconds to activate. For your convenience, I've agreed to host the service form right here on to simplify the process. I've been using this service several months now and heartily recommend you start using it right now!

Generate Website Tracking Beacon

Main contact information for weekly downtime reports:
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* Email:
Website to be monitored: home-page URL only
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If this website goes down, send warning notification to: optional
Notify Email: main email used if empty
2nd Notify Email:
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Style of Tracking Button: optional
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Note: we will not share your email address or send you solicitations. We use your email address only to send you notification emails -- such as whenever your site goes down. We also send notification via SMS (cell phone text message). Each email will have a "cancel notifications" link so you can discontinue the monitoring service with a single click. This is a zero-spam, free service!