Undelete and Data Recovery

Undelete and Data Recovery
Undelete and Data Recovery
Contributed by Walter Stevens

What is Undelete?

Undelete is the most basic form of data recovery. It is exactly what its name implies: the restoring or undeleting of files that you have previously deleted. One of the most basic undelete programs is recycle bin, which is included with Windows operating systems. Normally when you delete a file, it is not actually removed immediately from your computer, but is placed into the recycle bin.

You can then delete the files from there so that they will be removed from your computer, or the program will automatically empty itself at certain intervals. This allows you a chance to restore files that you might realize that you actually need or deleted accidentally.

Undelete and Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

Undelete is a part of data recovery. Data recovery is the process wherein you recover data that is seemingly lost from your computer. This can be caused by a variety of different catalysts: system crash, physical damage to the disk, computer viruses, etc. Undelete is a basic form of data recovery, but there are far more advanced methods for recovering lost data.

What Programs Are Available for Undelete Data Recovery?

There are many different undelete programs out there, beyond the recycle bin. They come in two fundamental kinds: some, like the recycle bin, must be installed prior to the deletion of a file, and will allow you to recover deleted files from the program. Executive Software makes a very powerful undelete utility that works along these lines, and replaces your recycle bin with a recovery bin.

Unlike recycle bin, which only accepts some files that you delete, the recovery bin will hold every file which you delete from your computer, allowing you to undelete them easily and quickly. It also has a secure delete function which will allow you to delete a file and know that it is no longer on your computer.

Other undelete programs may be utilized after data has already been deleted. Oftentimes when we delete files, these files are still in existence somewhere on our computer, we are just not able to access them. More advanced undelete programs will allow you to search your computer and find these files to restore them on your computer, if they are still there and accessible.

How do I Find an Undelete Program For my Personal Data Recovery?

As mentioned before, there are many different undelete programs out there. One of the best ways to find undelete programs for your personal use is through www.download.com. Many undelete programs are actually freeware utilities, which cost you nothing to use. You will be able to find these on www.download.com. They will have reviews on different programs, and you will be able to determine which you think is the best for you.

If you would like to work with a more advanced, non freeware program, you can also find trial and shareware versions of many programs on download.com. This will allow you to try a program prior to making the monetary investment to purchase one for yourself. This is an excellent way to make sure that you buy the best program for your undelete needs.

Walter Stevens is a contributor at Free-backup.info -- the home of the popular Amazon S3 based Online Backup software -- Back2zip. This resources is also available at http://free-backup.info/undelete-and-data-recovery.html

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