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The ZIP compression market is flooded with feature-packed software, but JustZIPit is not one of them! In the field of ZIP software, JustZIPit is "little ZIP program with less". So how is "less" a good thing? Well, the idea is that ZIP software has become unnecessarily complicated -- frustrating to most users who just do not need more complexity.

Consider WinZIP -- a most excellent program -- with a user manual of over a hundred pages and a "Quick Start Guide" ten pages long. It presents a sharp contrast to JustZIPit's total documentation of just one paragraph. Whereas WinZIP presents wizards, an eight-tab options dialog and over ten screens (just during installation), JustZIPit does not even have a user interface -- only a progress bar. In fact, all of JustZIPit's functionality is accessed through explorer’s context-menus.

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Q: So is less really better?

Naturally, that really depends on your ZIP needs. Less documentation, less features and less configuration options can mean less complexity, less confusion and less frustration. And in this case also less money -- because JustZIPit is completely free.

So, if all you want to do is ZIP and unZIP, then JustZIPit is the easiest way. However, you may want to download WinZIP if you need remote procedure calling access to specific sections of a 128bit-encrypted TAR file over a remote telnet session using secure tunneling through a private wormhole. Oh, did I mention that if all you want to do is ZIP and unZIP, then JustZIPit is the easiest way?

Q: How do I use JustZIPit?

After installation, you will see JustZIPit UNZIP commands on your context menu when you right-click any ZIP file. You will also see JustZIPit ZIP commands when you right-click on a folder or file.

Sorry but that's pretty much all there is to it!

Q: How do I get Support for JustZIPit?

Well, you can email us, but we really really appreciate it if you first try our support forums. Most people tend to have the same questions so the exchange is often helpful to others. Here's a link: JustZIPit and Backup Software - Related Support Discussion.

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