Data Recovery and You

Contributed by Walter Stevens

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the restoring of lost files. Files can be lost through many different methods: deletion, system crash, physical damage to hard drive, etc. If you have lost data for any reason, and do not have adequate backups of this data in order to restore it to your computer, then you will need data recovery.

Even if you cannot find a file on your computer, or you cannot even access your computer, for whatever reason, it is often the case that much if not all of your data is still in existence on the disk, and can be recovered under the right circumstances. However, this can be a very difficult process, and while it is possible to recover your data yourself you will often need to hire the services of a data recovery company.

What Will a Data Recovery Company Do For Me?

Data recovery companies are specialists in the field of data recovery. Their purpose is to recover data for those who have lost it. No matter what has happened to your computer, if there is a possibility that data can be recovered then most likely a data recovery company will be able to do it.

Normally when you first contact a data recovery company about a data recovery project, they will make a copy of the medium from which you want to recover your files. They will then work with this copy in order to keep from damaging the original even further. They will investigate the medium, and determine whether or not they believe that they can recover the data that you require for you. If they cannot, then they will return the medium to you, and most companies will not charge for this.

You should always check to make sure that the company you are working with will give you a free estimate, however, as you will not want to pay only to discover that they can do nothing for you. Some companies will even tell you if they believe that you can recover the data yourself, and will inform you of how to go about doing so. This is an excellent service that is also provided for free from some companies.

If they can assist you in recovering your data, then they will inform you of the process that they will undertake, and of the price it will cost you, the consumer, to purchase these services.

How do I Find a Data Recovery Company?

There are many different data recovery companies in existence. The internet is an excellent way to start locating them. Try searching for data recovery, for instance, and see what you find. One good company in the field of data recovery is Iomega, which is an excellent company who also works with programs for backup as well as data recovery. It should be known that hiring the services of a data recovery company can be very expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

However, if you need your data and can find no other way to recover it, then you will most likely need to hire the services of one of these organizations.

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