Backup Power and the Freelance Writer

Backup Power and the Freelance Writer
Backup Power and the Freelance Writer
Contributed by Walter Stevens

What is Backup Power?

Backup power is a power supply which will keep your computer operating in the event of a power outage. Most backup power supplies serve as advanced surge protectors which will keep your computer running for a few minutes, even an hour or more in the event of a power outage. They operate on a chargeable battery that will make sure that the power to your computer is uninterrupted, allowing you time to save any files on your computer which are currently in use and properly shut down the computer to protect it from crashing due to loss of power.

Why Does a Freelance Writer Need Backup Power?

Imagine that you are working on your current project, are almost done and then the power shuts off your computer. While you have been saving your work as you go along, there is an entire page of material you have written that is gone, and cannot be recovered when the power returns. You must now go back and rewrite that which you have already written, costing you time and anguish.

Backup Power and the Freelance Writer

It is even possible that the entire system will fail due to a power outage and you will find that all of the documents on your computer are damaged, and can no longer be accessed. This is a great worry for any writer, and is one that you should not have hanging on your shoulders.

A backup power supply will insure that your computer never faces an immediate loss of power. No matter the weather, or problems with the power connection, your computer's power supply will continue uninterrupted. This will allow you time to save your work properly, then allow the computer to shut down as it should, ensuring that no harm comes to any of your work or your computer which is so important to your writing business.

How do I Get Backup Power?

There are many different backup power supplies available on the market. One of the best known companies is American Power Conversion (APC). You can find their web site at This company offers a wide range of backup power supply options for home computers.

When you are choosing a backup power supply for your computer, you will need to know how much power your computer uses, and how long you want your computer to run before losing power from the backup supply. Depending on the type of computer you own, the number of hard disks, any accessory drives installed on the computer, the processor and the monitor will determine how much power your computer uses in a given period of time. Because backup power supplies are limited, you will require a larger supply to run a computer that uses more power.

APC's web site offers a very easy to use tool that allows you to enter in the information about your computer, as well as how long you would like to ensure that your computer keeps running during a power outage, and then will show you the products they have available which fit within your range. Backup power supplies cost generally in the range of 50 to 100 dollars for home computers, although they can cost more if you wish to have a large power supply to keep your computer running for a long time.

Backup power is a very important thing for any freelance writer, and you should ensure that your home computer is protected from sudden loss of powers.

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