carbonite online backup review

Online Backup Beat-down, Installation 2: "Carbonite"

Freeze your data in Carbonite: 'Carbonite Home' Online backup. Angela played with Carbonite for a couple days and gave us her opinioin. She's also testing Carbonite Pro, but this screencast is about Carbonite's Home edition.

Check it out: "Carbonite Home" Online Backup Review

Online Backup Beat-down, Installation 1: "CrashPlan"

crashplan online backup review

CrashPlan is a recent contender with Mozy and Carbonite for slick and convenient online backup. Angela played with CrashPlan over the weekend and gives the low-down here. She was kind enough to shoot a little screencast walkthrough.

Check out Angela's CrashPlan Online Backup Review

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I get a regular flood of email asking my opinion about Carbonite, Mozy or other online backup tools. Truth is, I don't use any of them since I have my own custom solution which works nicely for me. But in response to your requests, I'm running a little Online-Backup showdown. I'm looking for speed, flexibility, simplicity and low cost.

I'll post the results as I go -- but if you'd like the results emailed to you, I'll be sharing them with our members on the site mailing list. Go ahead and listen in by joining us:

Lots and lots of great beta feedback!

guy needs backup solution

Thanks for all the feedback. Back2zip 2.0 has proven very popular so far but some people are still getting mysterious "cannot create file" errors occasionally. We're still trying to recreate this problem and will hopefully have an update out in a few days along with some performance enhancements. Thanks again for your feedback and patience as we move quickly through beta.

Data Backup is a Pain!

Someday, your operating system will automatically backup your data to a secure remote data-center deep below the Himalayas. But right now, you're simply on your own. Backup software is like antivirus software -- we wish it wasn't necessary but it is. Well, the good news is that backup may be a chore but it no longer has to be expensive.

But it Doesn't have to be Expensive.

Check out our great selection of freeware including this backup solution tutorial ( -- which is a great place to get started securing your data. This basic backup tutorial will provide you with a workable data organization and backup plan adequate for your home network or small office.


Three quick tips for using freeware backup effectively.

  1. Backup to a second drive. NOT a second partition on the same drive!! Data loss is very often caused by disk failure. This alone will dramatically increase your data security.
  2. Shut down Outlook at night. Backup software often cannot access Outlook database files while the program is running. Shut it down at night so that your email can be safely archived while you sleep.
  3. Archive backup data Online! Move it all online, gain full hardware freedom. For a start, just use free DropBox for your documents.

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